Fill'er Up, Please

Once you have the cellar of your dreams, or simply a place to put your cases, the fabulous wine elves at VintageSpec can help you find the wines you lust for and want to drink. We scour the market to locate the most interesting and rare bottlings available.

We work directly with importers, distributors and wine brokers to find the finest, best value and rarest wines that we think make excellent additions to any wine cellar or collection, whether for near, medium or long-term drinking, or even just for investment purposes. Frustrated with finding an appropriate vintage-specific wine to commemorate a birth year or anniversary? Let us scour the secondary marketplace for you. We work closely with you to determine the best wines for your taste, budget and dreams. We believe that filling a cellar or rounding out a collection of wine should reflect the best possible available choices in the market – we help you make the most efficient use of your resources, both in terms of time and budget.