Personalized Service

Here at VintageSpec, we apply the knowledge we’ve gained from years in the wine and restaurant businesses – tasting, selling and educating people on wine – to getting you the best possible bottle for your tastes, needs and budget. This is our passion, and we hope it shows in the care and attention we give to you.

When you shop at a liquor store or an online wine service you’re confronted with rows of unfamiliar bottles or lists of unfamiliar names. In both cases, you’re either looking for advice from someone who may or may not know what they’re doing, or who will only sell you what they personally like instead of listening to your needs. Maybe you’re only guessing, based on say, a nicely designed label. Wine marketers KNOW this by the way; thus the attention lavished on label art. Pretty labels sell lots of mediocre wine. (If only some of that effort were put in the bottle, where it belongs …)

We can spend an afternoon with you walking through your favorite wine stores to better familiarize you with their selection, talk with you about great wines and wine regions for everyday drinking, or give you specific advice about investment-grade wines or vintages for your cellar. Confused by the hype about the latest “Vintage of the Century” coming from winemakers and wine publications? We cut through the spin to give you information about the most cellar-worthy wines. We look for the best possible value at every price point!